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tv   [untitled]    July 6, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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the most important thing i've learned is i want to produce my education and become a youth you counselor and help others. so if it wasn't for me working there i wouldn't know what i wanted to do with my own life. thank you >> you thank you. i actually dissected a frog with my daughter. i'm a member of the tounldz hall. we help out 70 organizations to encourage your support for the arts. we would encourage i to support of the mayors budget proposal. thank you >> thank you. next speaker, please >> hi i'm ron goldman. i want to thank you for your
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interest in the arts education and once again ask you to support of the mayors budget for arts funding. this funding enables and benefits programs as the san francisco symphonies. every single elementary students in grades one and every neighborhood of this city. so across the board everyone. also at the middle school and high school level. all the abandon and orchestra for the high schools receive support coaching instrument care. if you go to burton high school they have a drum line. they've been excepted with new drums.
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this is the first time for burton and the school and teachers tell us it's transforming their students. this funding is vital to keep the program alive thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker, please >> next speaker please. come on up. >> good morning. i'm donna. my role as allen organizer >> we have been successful getting improvements on the conditions as well as developing leadership so we can advocate for the rights and needs.
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today, i'm here to urge the board of supervisors to fund our program. where you may have heard the housing project this will help us to continue the work with the resident and insuring the residents to play a key role. we must fix the current system and for instance, repairs are not getting done. no residents are involved in the decision-making process etc. in order to make this happen we need to get residents assessing and using the system so we can get the system the residents want it to run. thank you for your time
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>> good afternoon. i'm patricia thomas. i'm a resident of the housing site at 79 pacific avenue. i serve on the board of the resident commission board. i would like to share my thoughts are - i also have a well-built resident association that is met - of course, this has been with the support and assistance provided by the chinatown development center
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that has helped us to grow into a well-established housing community. we advocate for residents there are still lots of problems unresolved. we here the same problems like leaking faucets and elevators are broken. it goes on and on. we get some improvements after we meet with the supervisors and director of housing but only in a short period of time residents are booking looking for a resolution that works.
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so i'm asking for your support if funding this and a thank you madam >> 2 minutes goes quick i i know. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. i'm the director for the beau con center. we ask for your support. the first funding to run an after school program. balboa loss their funding this past school year and due to the huge need for the academic services we stepped down in to help it run very limits
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programs utilizing very the money. however, due to some fund setting grants we're not able to stretch our programs to allow this service to continue. unfortunately, because of the refunding for high school after school programs balboa doesn't receive after school funding which means our communities high school which has a population of over 13 thousand students won't have any services. we'll have a youth who will speak how this has abstracted to their education and learning. so this year we're only able to provided recovery to very
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limited services at balboa so we want to ask you to keep funding our high school funding. second we want to ask for your support through the city and county san francisco - >> good morning supervisors i'm alice i'm the technology coordinator. could i i want to ask you to continue your district funding. currently we're able to offer this service, however, this grant which has helped us serve over 4 hundred youth and adults
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will sunset on june 30th. without this funding for the youth and communities our lab will be unable to sustain it's program. today, the youth with me are just a few of those who use the technology daily. i've seen them development 20th century skills. please continue to connect our county with those resources. please help us to get the computer assess and thoughtful use service we need to have the right to have. thanks >> good afternoon board of
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supervisors. i'm matthew i work at the beau con center. due to those channeling economic times we've been hit with unemployment. it is home to the most diverse community. according to the status we're the lowest work group. as the district that has 9 percent of household living below the poverty level yet we receive zero dollars until we came last year. unfortunately, it was only a one year grant.
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so we need greater investment from the city. thank you >> i'm the alumni of balboa. i received a lot of guidance from the after school program and witnessed the technology program and a use of getting into the adulthood i've been assessing their resources and it would be nice to continue to have funding for those programs so other graduates like me getting into the real world can have access to getting jobs and things like that. thank you >> good afternoon. i'm the associate director i'm here on behalf of the balboa school program.
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i want to give you guys a few statistics. this year with no funding we had over 3 hundred students enrolled at balboa. every year the program has helped over 1 hundred students graduate many of children the first to graduate in their families. when the balboa program was funded it was the highest attendance program. i want to thank supervisor avalos helping to get the print shop over to balboa. i actually see balboa high school students working in this court room right now.
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this is just a reflection of some of the things the program has provided and we really just wish this can be thought-out. the county has made into turning balboa around and balboa resurgeries is not the time to abandon it. thank you to you'll my youth for being here. thank you >> the item program. >> thank you very much (clapping)
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(speaking a foreign language. >> good morning. i'm a member of the coalition of homelessness and power. >> but today, i'm representing the homeless coalition. >> our demands are for the supervisors and mayor. >> we ask that fund reserve funds be dedicated to poor folks and folks who are homeless.
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>> they're very long lists for folks waiting for shelters. theirs long lists. >> so we ask that funds be dedicated to folks not only are we suffering but our children and a thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors.
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we manage the system for low income residents. we have a collaborative services. everyday our office takes on cases like this gentleman who after his landlord harassed the family to leave and threatened to call ice on them for not being legal. they have mold and lead exposure and mice in- they case bedbug bites and led exposure.
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they're afraid of ventilation. eviction. they have been serving latinos since 1986 i'm here to urge your support for expanding funding for the collaborative programs they connection the folks to the code enforcement process. while they've done their best to meet the needs but lack of ability threatens the folks. more funding for building wide community programs - an as he knows that further displacement
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now more than ever tenants are afraid of losing their housing and as housing continues to rise regardless of race or economic conditions please fund this program and thank you for your time >> (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon supervisors i come to represent the hotels in the mission. >> i'm here to ask you that
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you put your focus and on ice on the mission that have so many unmet needs. >> many of our families are in need of low income housing so when you guys are sitting down thinking about the budget and where more monies going to go please remember those families are in dire need. >> and we are looking for your support and you realize how much the families really need your help thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please >> (speaking foreign language). >> good afternoon supervisors. >> i've been work with the collaboratives for 12 years and i'm here to represent those families and they're very much in need. >> most of our families need low income housing and housing that is safe. >> she says thank you to the
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two supervisors that are paying attention to our needs (clapping) and i appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> she says when you guys need you to reelect you be there for us we will be there for you (clapping) >> thank you. next speaker. >> sorry we have one more family.
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>> (speaking foreign language). >> she says i'm a family member from the hotels and i live there currently, we all live in the hotel. my grandson has been bit up by bedbugs. we need especially our family like many others is affordable housing and save housing and without pests and rod dents.
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>> i hope you can remember the children's face that i've been up here today for and thank you (clapping) >> hello supervisors. i live in the neighborhood and i'm a recent graduate from the high school district. i'm here in support of the 2-year budget 2013 and fourteen. i realize the budget is always a structural. 40 percent of the households contain disadvantaged families. the immigrant in san francisco live in district 11 and 9
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percent of the population is below the poverty level. there's no services in those neighborhoods. and the burn center has been working for the justice coalition and has been working to create a viable and assessable workforce program for district 11 special for english and the imminent family and the spanish population. we continue to support supervisor avalos to continue to fund c h j. thank you.
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good morning we a multiple affordable service agency that includes the excelsior. we have been actually engaged in a number of collaboratives and ask for your funding. specific as a mayors authority we are a organization with a long relationship with our neighborhood. we urge you to allocate a miles for the housing collaborative to provide support for the residents for the goal of improving living conditions for the residents. ask also for your support for the workers development. we are doing this work with the
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community for health and justice in district 11 where we're obtaining family supportive jobs. at the current level that's an additional 1 hundred $100,000 to allow the citywide collaborative to insure with san francisco remains a world-class city for servicess to the diverse residents. i wholeheartedly support the businesses for the city of san francisco. our workers deserve it and we deserve it. thank you >>
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